"Words cannot express the invaluable service the Serenity Hospice staff provided our mother during her illness. Your kindness and patience will always be remembered."
~ Hilliard Family

Volunteers are the backbone of hospice service and have been so since their creation. In fact, early hospice programs were all volunteers, and that spirit has continued in all hospices today. Volunteers provide help and services to others.

Services that Hospice Volunteers provide to others:

  • Visit patients and their families
    • Provide companionship to patients, respite care for caregivers
    • Read, run errands, provide bereavement support, assist with memorial support
    • Visits may be at a hospital, health campus, private residence or assisted living center
  • Provide community support
    • Work at fund raisers, health fairs or other community based events
  • Provide professional support
    • Lawyers, teachers, beauticians who provide specialized services for patients and families
  • Provide support for the hospice efforts (non-patient based)
    • Handouts, filing, record keeping or tasks as assigned

Benefits that Hospice Volunteers provide for themselves:

  • Internal/Emotional
    • Self-satisfaction in performance of very special services
    • Improved self-knowledge while experiencing a wide range of perspectives
    • Spiritual growth and better understanding of end of life needs and thoughts
  • Experience/Skills
    • Experience in the health care industry, networking with other professionals and community leaders
    • Service skills specific to hospice and end of life situations

Training Necessary to become a Volunteer
Hospice volunteer training includes patient care, understanding terminal illnesses, coping and communication skills, family dynamics, patient and family rights, and setting boundaries. Also compliance issues are addressed, along with HIPAA regulations and information safety.

The time a volunteer spends at Serenity is dependent upon their schedule and the needs of patients or families. Often a volunteer will visit the same patient on a weekly basis. All volunteers are scheduled to comply to the lifestyle of the volunteer. Please call 765-446-9100 to request additional information or email to Melinda.Molter@viaquestinc.com.

Local Heroes Needed!
Serenity Hospice is always looking for volunteers, as needs are continuously growing. We have several projects and services underway that are in need of specialized support. If you feel you could help with any of these services - please call!

  • Vet2Vet services - Veterans helping other veterans
  • We Honor Veterans - Recognition and honor for those who served their country
  • Final Vigils - Providing support for the final moments
  • Specialized Support - skilled tasks

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Mindy Molter